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Are containers a good choice for your applications?

Containers are hotter than hot, and the hype is raging. Consider these 3 things before you make the move

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Azure adds Form Recognizer to its Cognitive Services

Machine learning help digitize paper to improve business processes

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What is agile methodology? Modern software development explained

Enterprises need software competency to deliver winning digital experiences. Agile development is how enterprises get there


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C++ 20 spec finalized, C++ 23 spec begins

C++ upgrade due in 2023 will prioritize standard library modules, coroutines, executors, reflection, pattern matching, and contracts

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Deepfake video and audio. AI-generated texts, poetry and lyrics. Fake sites. Fake influencers. Fake news. Will life ever be real again?

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5 reasons to choose PyTorch for deep learning

TensorFlow still has certain advantages, but a stronger case can be made for PyTorch every day

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How to use ValueTuples in C#

Take advantage of ValueTuples to return multiple values from a method with better performance than Tuples

JVM - Java Virtual Machine

Concurnas language taps JVM for high-performance apps

Python-like, Java-compatible language aims to ease development of concurrent, distributed, and parallel systems

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TypeScript 3.8 adds type-only imports and exports

Improving JavaScript import syntax, the next version of TypeScript will provide more fine-grained control over imports and elisions

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Can you partition a database between public clouds and on-premises?

While the short answer is yes, the technology realities make some requirements too difficult or too costly


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Open source should learn from Linux, not MySQL

When a single vendor owns an open source project, expect the community to look for alternatives

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RStudio Conference 2020 videos you don’t want to miss

You can watch dozens of must-see RStudio Conference videos online. Don't know where to start? Let us help

Android 11

Android 11 developer preview stresses 5G, security

Preview of the next Android OS offers developers a first glimpse of new privacy and security features and 5G enhancements

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5 ways agile teams meet sprint commitments

Spikes, swarming, splits, and keeping some requests in the shallows can help agile teams stay on track

Do More With R [video teaser/video series] - R Programming Guide - Tips & Tricks

“Do More with R” video tutorials

Search for R video tutorials by task, topic, or package. Most videos are shorter than 10 minutes